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Talk by Huda Zoghbi, Baylor College of Medicine

The May (5) 6 & 7, 2013 general sessions of the Physical and Mathematical Principles of Brain Structure and Function workshop will be taped for live streaming.

Click here to register for LIVE streaming.

Note: We will attempt to make any slides available here post workshop.  Most talks will not have sides.

Questions and comments can be submitted via the webstreaming screen during the hours of the workshop.  The organizers will make every effort to get to as many questions and comments as time allows.

We are on Twitter @ nsfBRAINpols and we’ll be following Twitter comments with hash tag #nsfBRAINmtg

Attendees:  During the workshop, we aks that you please log off of the hotel Wifi service during the LIVE-Streaming group sessions of the agenda.

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