Talk Video: Mammalian Aging

Workshop: Connecting the Biological and Physical Principles of Mammalian Aging May 15-16, 2014

Opening Remarks / Krastan B. Blagoev, NSF; Larry Nagahara, NIH/NCI; José Velázquez, NIH/NIA

SESSION 1: Overview

General Principles of Physical Aging / Geoffrey West, The Santa Fe Institute

What Do We Really Know about Mammalian Aging? / Jerry Shay, UT Southwestern Medical Center

 SESSION 2: Programed Aging in Mammals: Telomeres, Stem Cells

Cell Cycle, p16 / John Sedivy, Brown University

Stem Cells / Dirk Hockmeyer, UC Berkeley

Universal Donor Cells / Woody Wright, UT-Southwestern Medical Center

DAY ONE DISCUSSION: Moderator, Larry Nagahara, NIH/NCI

 SESSION 3: ROS, Metabolism, Caloric Restriction

Metabolism Mitochondria / Ergun Sahin, Baylor College of Medicine

Resveratrol, ROS / Joseph Baur, PENN

Caloric Restriction in Primates / Joseph Kemnitz, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Evolution of Interdependence & Aging / Dervis Can Vural, Harvard University

Neuroimaging Brain Aging / David Salat, HMS/MGH

SESSION 4: Cancer

Tito Fojo, NIH/NCI

SESSION 5: General Principles

Overview of outstanding questions in aging, moving forward / Michael West, BioTime

SESSION 6: Physics and Mathematics

Success Story / Alan Perelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Old Snow / Robert Laughlin, Stanford University

DAY TWO DISCUSSION: Moderator, Krastan Blagoev, NSF