Workshop: Systems and Synthetic Biology for Designing Rational Cancer Immunotherapies

Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center | Tysons Corner, Virginia | DC Metro
October (6) 7-8, 2016

In the past few years substantial progress was made in cancer immunotherapies using a variety of approaches ranging from immune system stimulation to activated T cells and stroma normalization for improved immune cell availability and reduced immune suppression. In parallel the field of synthetic biology has entered the field of mammalian cell biology and together with stem cell programming is on the path of understanding and being able to reprogram mammalian cells for a particular function. We feel that it is time for basic scientists and engineers working on these problems to converge on cancer to accelerate the development of rationally designed cancer therapies.

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The workshop is funded jointly by the Molecular and Cellular Biosciences and the Physics Divisions at the National Science Foundation.nsf_logo_new_transparent

Susan Bates | Columbia University
Antonio Fojo | Columbia University
Herbert Levine | Rice University
José Onuchic | Rice University
David Ting | Mass General Cancer Center/DF/Harvard Medical School
Ron Weiss | MIT

NSF Contacts:
Krastan Blagoev
Wilson Francisco
Theresa Good
David Rockcliffe
Suzanne von Bodman

Workshop Coordinator & Contact: Sara Bradley