Genome Architecture and Dynamics 2019 | Varna, Bulgaria

Genome Architecture and Dynamics 2019
International Summer School and Workshop
Varna, Bulgaria
July 12 – July 19, 2019

About This Workshop
The development of a quantitative theory of how cells respond to their environment and regulate their function is one of the most challenging and important problems in science. It has become clear that the structure an dynamics of the genome plays a large part in this response.The effort to understand genome structure and its functional consequences has attracted scientists and engineers from diverse research fields.

This summer school and workshop will focus on the biophysics and biochemistry of eukaryotic cell nucleus and especially the genome contained therein. Approximately 75 students and postdocs and an equal number of scientists will participate in the meeting.

Leading scientists will give lectures during the first two days of the workshop. Lectures will present polymer models of chromosome organization and dynamics, statistical physics of polymer systems, theoretical foundations of phase separation in such systems, and ideas regarding the coupling between chromosome structure and gene expression.

During the next four days, research talks and discussions will address nuclear mechanics and chromosome dynamics, DNA looping and extrusion, the biophysics of gene regulation, replication, chromosome segregation, transcription bursting vs noise, splicing of premature RNA and how transcriptional noise is connected to splicing. The meeting will address the structural transitions of the chromatin across the cell cycle, RNA and DNA induced liquid-liquid phase transitions in subcellular organization and their role in gene regulation and DNA repair.